Indian Head Massage

Derives from the Ayurvedic system of healing and widely practiced in India for over a thousand years. This invigorating massage of the scalp, neck and shoulders, followed by calming and relaxing movements can help you with concentration, focus and sleeping

Swedish Massage

A relaxing massage that promotes and increases oxygen flow in the blood and releases toxins from the muscles, stimulating the skin and nervous system. Swedish massage is highly recommended as a regular program for emotional and physical stress relief


Based on the Ancient Chinese healing art. Foot massages reach the pressure points on the feet that stimulate associated areas throughout the body. Each point or area on the foot is believed to link to and stimulate important areas and organs in the body

Neishka Therapy Massage

A beautiful combination of Eastern and Western massage movements to help address both physical and mental tensions that are held onto by your body. These areas of tension can stifle the flow of energy leading to further imbalances, aches and pains. A subtle use of energy balancing applied throughout your treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and fully revitalised

Abdominal Massage

Stomach massage is an excellent method for reducing the effects of stress and stimulating energy flow throughout the body. Benefits include improved digestion, relief from constipation and improved kidney function which is the healthiest method for flattening the tummy besides dieting and exercise

East Meets West Massage

A combination of pressing, stretching, kneading following Zen energy lines. This type of massage is carefully chosen to achieve the best benefits. Greater and lighter pressure is applied to balance the body, mind and soul

Holistic facial massage

Beautifully relaxing, this gentle treatment tones the cheeks, smoothing away lines and wrinkles on the forehead. Facial massage helps alleviate headaches and blocked sinuses

Hot & Cold Stones

Apart from the great therapeutic benefit, the addition of hot and cold stone therapy is deeply relaxing. It will leave you feeling grounded and balanced. Hot Stones increase blood circulation, lymph and digestive fluids whilst cold Stones stimulate the autonomic nervous system, increasing metabolism

Oils used

The refreshing scents used for aromatherapy massage